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Building Winning Trading Systems
with TradeStation™

(comes with companion CD-Rom)
by George Pruitt and John Hill

Pages: 406
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471215694
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: January 7, 2003
Price: $80.00
Chapter 1. Fundamentals
Chapter 2. Easy Language Program Structure
Chapter 3. Program Control Structures
Chapter 4. TradeStation Analysis Techniques
Chapter 5. Measuring Trading System Performance and System Optimization
Chapter 6. Trading Strategies that Work or The Big Damn Chapter on Trading Systems
Chapter 7. Debugging and OutPut
Chapter 8. TradeStation as a Research Tool
Chapter 9.Using TradeStation's Percent Change Charts to Track Relative Performance
Chapter 10. Options
Chapter 11. Developer's Interviews
Appendix A. Easy Language Syntax Errors
Appendix B. TradeStation 2001i Source Code of Select Programs
Appendix C. Reserved Words Quick Reference
The Ultimate Trading Guide
by John Hill, George Pruitt and
Lundy Hill

Pages: 320
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471381357
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: August 25, 2000

Price: $95.00
Chapter 1. The Set-Ups or the Big Picture
Chapter 2. Practical Applications of the Elliott Wave Theory
Chapter 3. Bar Charts and Their Forecasting Ability
Chapter 4. Channel and Trendline Trading
Chapter 5. Swing Trading.
Chapter 6. Patterns
Chapter 7. Drummond Geometry and the PLdot: An Introduction to the Fundamentals
Chapter 8. Introduction to Mechanical Trading Systems
Chapter 9. Where to Start
Chapter 10. Historical Testing--A Blessing or a Curse
Chatper 11. Money Management
Chapter 12. Turnkey Systems and Portfolios
Chapter 13. Top Ten Systems of All Time.
Available in hard copy only
Available in hard copy only
Trade Up: How to Become a CTA
by Holliston Hill Hurd

Pages: 51
Publisher: Futures Truth Co.
Type: Book-Soft Cover
Publish Date: 1992

Price: $77.00
Available in both digital and hard copy formats
About the Author
Chapter 1 - Why Become a CTA
Chapter 2 - Compliance
Chapter 3 - Setting up Your Business
Chapter 4 - Targeting Your Market
Chapter 5 - Marketing Your CTA
Chapter 6 - Keeping Your Clients
Chapter 7 - Pools
Chapter 8 - Setting Goals
Chapter 9 - Addendum

Purchase the book and receive a half hour of consulting with Holliston Hurd. She will look at where you are now, what you have to offer and help you build a plan for starting your CTA business.
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Phone: (828) 697-0273 Fax: (828) 692-7375
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Stock Index Options : Powerful New Tools for Investing, Hedging and Speculating [Hardcover]

by Donald T. Mesler
Pages: 213
Publisher: Probus Publishing Company
ISBN: 0-917253-02-7
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: 1985
Price: $14.75

"The most complete book on index options to date. Don Mesler eases the reader through the more technical aspects of these popular investment vehicles to produce a highly readable book, tremendously useful in implementing a sound investment strategy. For those interested in index options, his book is indispensable."
Conquer the Crash : You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression [Hardcover]

Author: Robert R. Prechter Jr.
Pages: 278
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN: 0-470-84982-7
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: 2002
Price: $13.75

"This book outlines brilliantly and simply the rationale for how and why the bubble developed. Prechter will go down in history as a legend for having predicted the secular bull market and now having provided a lucid description of the economic cataclysm that unfortunately lies ahead. I urge you to read this book and give it to your loved ones, as it provides great tactical advice on how to prepare yourself financially. Reading this book could make the difference between agony and comfort over the next twenty years."

How Sick is Uncle Sam? : A New Perspective [Hardcover]

by R. Earl Hadady

Pages: 473
Publisher: Key Books Press
ISBN: 0-9611390-4-8
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: 1986
Price: $67.75

"An interesting, detailed analysis of a variety of social and economic problems in the U.S."
--David Tice, Prudent Bear Fund
--Tom Bradley, Mayor, City of Los Angeles
--Willem A. Gouws, Options & Convertibles
Traders Guide to Technical Analysis [Hardcover]

by C. Colburn Hardy

Pages: 185
Publisher: Traders Press, Inc.
ISBN: 0-934380-06-6
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: 1984
Price: $6.95

How to Make Money in the Commodity Market [Hardcover]

by Robert L. Gardner

Pages: 194
Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Type: Book-Hard Cover
Publish Date: 1961
Price: $75.00

"Excellent for the uninitiated layman as well as for the professional. Your discussion of the use of charts and trading techniques comments itself to potential traders."
--Isaac Witkin, General Cocoa Co.