Futures Truth has utilized its proprietary software to research and develop specific tools that you can apply to your overall strategy for trading. These tools are based on years of actual trading experience and market principals discovered by the founders of Futures Truth. The FT Trading Tools may be an entry or exit methodology, a trend indicator or a stop loss, but, many are based on an algorithm for trading that can be programmed and tested on actual data. FT Trading Tools may be used to enhance your success. And these tools are an excellent way to learn to become a better trader. Each one can be added to your trading tool belt.
This Trading Tool is a departure from the typical Opening Range Breakout systems. This is a simple entry filter used as a swing trade entry. You are always in the market. We do offer a suggested stop-loss method.
This Trading Tool is a simple volatility breakout system that will enter a trade some distance from the open of the day. In our many years of daytrading, we have learned a great deal of how stock indexes move. We have applied some of that knowledge to designing a simple entry filter. Simply by looking at today's open in relation to yesterday's price action, you can tell whether today you want to be a buyer or a seller.
Uses the popular floor traders pivot point, support and resistance levels. A unique filter has been added to prevent overtrading. It averages ONLY about one trade per week. Great hypothetical results without the benefit of a stop loss. Add a stop loss Trading Tool and trade this as is. Trading Tool includes Tradestation code and Paint Bars for your Tradestation platform to show the daily Pivot Point, R1, R2, S1 and S2 levels.
Uses a short term counter trend indicator as an overlay to an opening range breakout entry. This Trading Tool is ALWAYS in the market. Stops are stop-and-reverse orders. This Trading Tool could be a gret short-term trend indicator for your other trading. Or, apply a stop loss methodology and use it as a stand-alone system. Trading Tool includes short description and Tradestation code.
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This is the mantra of the swing and counter trend trader. Our "Spring/Upthrust" Trading Tool teaches one method to get on board for a potential turn in the market.

TRADE ON: Stocks, Futures & Forex
TIME FRAME: Daily and Intra-day
FORMAT: Visual Based
Are you afraid to get short a down-trending market? Or to get long a dramatically up-trending stock?
The 3 Day System was designed by John Hill of Futures Truth. It is an entry method.
1. Exact entries (long and short)
2. Market defined risk level to tailor trading size to your risk level
3. Exact exits
4. Trend filter so you always trade with the trend.

TRADE ON: Stocks, Futures & Forex
FORMAT: Charting Based
NRG1 Trading Tool
50/50 Daytrade Trading Tool
S&P "Trend-Pop" Daytrade Trading Tool
Bond Breakout Trading Tool
3 Day Trading Tool
Spring/Upthrust Trading Tool
Fib Plot Indicator Trading Tool
The purpose of this indicator is to provide the TradeStation user the ability to identify a change in trend or a change in volatility as measured in trading ranges. Fib Plot is designed to provide signals using either a daily or intraday chart. Please refer to the article written at the end of this document that was published in the Futures Truth magazine in issue #4-2011. The article, entitled, “Fibs Don’t Lie”, will give the user an overview of how the Fibonacci series is applied to time. As with any other indicator, the user should look for confirmation with other indicators when making a trading decision. When calling up a chart, there should be at least 2500 bars to accommodate the look back period which is designed to be 1000. Continuous futures data contracts are good for this as well as equities.
Futures Truth has partnered with a well-known systems developer to develop software that picks the optimal portfolio. You can merge the best combination of equity curves to deliver the lowest draw-down and shortest flat period. This software takes over where TradeStation™ leaves off. How many times have you asked yourself which combination of markets would produce the most efficient equity curve?
Portfolio Selector Trading Tool
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