John is President & Founder of Futures Truth™ Company. He holds a master's
degree in chemical engineering from Ohio State University. He has brought his
applied engineering and mathematical background to trading technology as well
as authoring several books on trading techniques including
The Ultimate Trading Guide and Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation. Mr. Hill has researched thousands of trading systems utilizing a multitude of indicators across varied sectors and asset classes. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Hill as consulted with multiple institutional firms, a frequent guest on CNBC and has been a featured speaker at numerous investment conferences around the world.
George is Director of Research for Futures Truth™ Company. In addition, he has written for Futures Magazine and has had his research published by The Wall Street Journal and Barron's. Mr. Pruitt holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and co-programmed the Excalibur testing software. Pruitt has coded over 1000 different trading methodologies. He is coauthor of The Ultimate Trading Guide and Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation.
Holly is Managing Director of Futures Truth™ Company. With more than 20 years in the futures industry, Ms. Hurd has been a researcher and trader. She is the Head of Marketing and Product Development for FTC. Ms. Hurd is the owner of Hill Financial Group, the CTA which managed $177 million. Ms. Hurd has been featured in several journals including Fortune, Futures and USA Today, and she has been a guest on CNBC.
Joe is Assistant Trader for Futures Truth™ Company. He is responsible for the firm's strategy portfolio maintanence, trade over site and confirmation, as well as equity analysis and reporting.
Jessica is Office Manager for Futures Truth™ Company. She is in charge of the firm's records and books on client accounts, maintains in house accounting, marketing and web design.
Lundy is the Director of Futures Truth™ Company. A former floor trader and co-author of The Ultimate Trading Guide, Mr. Hill assisted in the developement of the trading strategies that FTC utilizes. Spending most of his time on research and development, he is looking at new strategies for the firm.
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