Issue #1/2014
Featured Article: Trading Futures Successfully - Human vs. Robot

Issue #4/2013
Featured Article: Predictive-Model Based Trading Systems, Part II

Issue #3/2013
Featured Article: Predictive-Model Based Trading Systems

Issue #2/2013
Featured Article: 422 Futures Trading Rooms in the US -
4 Precepts For Financial Success

Issue #1/2013
Featured Article: Pigs Rule, Bears & Bulls Drool

Issue #4/2012
Featured Article: The First-Rate, First String, Five-Star Futures Trading Rooms

Issue #3/2012
Featured Article : Why Do The Pros Daytrade Futures?

Issue #2/2012
Featured Article : Examining TradeStation's Walk-Forward Optimizer

Issue #1/2012
Featured Article : December 21, 2012 - Are We Gone?

Issue #4/2011
Featured Article : Which Systems Have Consistently Made Our Top Ten Tables?

Issue #3/2011
Featured Article : 7 Reasons Why the Average Investor Loses
With Winning Trading Systems

Issue #2/2011
Featured Article : A Talk With Tim Rea

Issue #1/2011
Featured Article : Day Trading Systems - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
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Futures Trading Notes

George's Corner Report

Scientific Interpretation of Bar Charts

Stock & Commodity Market Trend
Trading by Advanced Technical Analysis

Technical & Mathematical Analysis of Trends in the Commodity & Stock Markets

Trade Up: How to Become a CTA
50/50 Daytrade

Bond Breakout

Fib Plot Indicator

Are You a Loser? by Joe Ross

Behold the Opening Price by Larry Pesavento

Counter Trend Trading Using Raschke's Turtle Soup
by George Pruitt

Critical Evaluation of Live Futures Trading Rooms
by Dr. Dean Handley

Day Trading Systems: The Good, The Bad
and The Ugly by Tom Reavis

Fibs Don't Lie by Mike Chalek

Good Bye to the Pits and the Way We Used to Trade
by George Pruitt

How to Build a Portfolio of Trading Systems
That Really Work by Michael Levin

How to Turbo Charge Your Returns on Your
Russell Day Trade System by George Pruitt

Is the Trend Still Our Friend? by George Pruitt

Nine Chart Patterns That Signal Trend Changes
by John Hill

Observations on Options "Greeks" and Prices
by Wayne Griffith

Pattern Recognition - How to Uncover a Short-Term Bias
by George Pruitt
Picking a Portfolio Using the Portfolio Selector TradeStation Add-On by George Pruitt

RC Beginner System: Logic & Code
by Rickey Cheung

System Design, Testing and Trading:
Hidden Cost of Trading by Lundy Hill

System Robustness by Jack Cahn

The Commodity Channel Index vs. Other Oscillator Indicators by George Pruitt

The First-Rate, First-String, Five-Star
Futures Trading Rooms
by Dr. Dean Handley

The Role of Position Sizing & Applied
Risk Management by Martin Lembak

The Role of Predictive Analytics: Data Mining
the E-Mini S&P by Alan & Kay Peiris

There's Always Someone Who's Making Money
by Adrienne Toghraie

Trading the Obvious by Joe Ross

Using the Clock to Catch a Break in the
E-Mini S&P Futures by Thomas L. Busby

What is Holding You Back?
by Ruth Barrons Roosevelt
FTC's Chart Analysis (Video)

George's Picks: Top Performing Systems (Report)

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Dollar Trader for Currencies by Dave Fox

Dynamic Trend Trading by Dave Reiter

Universal 1 by Stafford Trading
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