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TradersStudio Professional plus Trend Harmony Package which includes Simple Harmony, Trend Harmony and Super Turtle, plus Pinnacle CLC data package deluxe, including all the individual contracts, Forex data and the Pinnacle IDX database. Plus one hour of remote support with Murray. All for an unbelievable price! Click here for details

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Top Ten Tables & Master Performance Tables Now Updated Through January 31!

George's Corner: Can Trade Management Be the True Key to Successful Day Trading? by George Pruitt

Day trading provides many benefits - ease of trading, no overnight exposure and reduced margin requirements. However,unlinke position trading, day traders have to base entry on much smaller time frame based information. In this installment of George's Corner, George develops a simple day trading system that buys in an uptrend and sells in downtrends.

Pigs Rule, Bears & Bulls Drool by Dr. Dean Handley

Continuing his evaluation of Futures Trading Rooms, Dr. Dean Handley, an experienced FTR visitor, evaluated 142 trading rooms, looking at clarity of entries, targets, stops and checking their track records for accuracy. He's whittled that list down to what he feels are the 5 best rooms and evaluates fixed targets versus a trailing stop in 4 different FTRs.

March Madness: What Was the Best Daytrading System of 2012? by Lundy S. Hill

Most investors will choose a system based JUST on its total profit. This is wrong. Lundy S. Hill shows you how to use the numbers presented in every issue of Futures Truth to dig a little deeper into the numbers. All in an effort to help you make a more informed decision on which system to trade now.

An Interview with Murray Ruggiero by George Pruitt

If you've ever read Futures Truth Magazine, you know Murray. He has been a contributing editor to Futures magazine since 1994 and has written over 180 articles. George sits down with this successful software designer adn trader to get his insight on the futures industry of today and tomorrow.

We live in interesting financial times and many investors are changing the way they make investment decisions. Get a look at the YTD Rankings of the Top 25 New CTAs in CTA Resource Review.

Regular Features of each magazine include: Top 10 Tables, Systems Tracked in This Issue, Systems Ranked by Commodity, Testing Information, Master Performance Table, Margin Table, Vendor Directory and more!

All systems will show performance through January 2013.

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There is a substantial risk of loss in trading. It is the nature of commodity trading that where there is the opportunity for profit, there is also the risk of loss. Commodity trading involves a certain degree of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

The high degree of leverage that is found in futures (because of small margin requirements) can work against you as well as for you. i.e., you can have large losses as well as large gains.

This publication is for EDUCATIONAL & INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Any investment decisions are solely the responsibility of the reader. The software that generates these numbers has been rigorously tested, however the publisher cannot guarantee the publication to be error free. If any vendor or individual reports to us an error or misrepresentation of their system we will immediately correct and print a retraction in the following issue.